Name:RCYZ-Pipeline automatic Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator




Time:2016-09-24 08:16:56

RCYZ pipeline automatic permanent magnetic iron remover is mainly used for cement, water, slag bags or bulk process in addition to iron, choose powder after back grinding after meal in addition to iron and clinker roller press into the ground in front of the fine iron powder. Can be installed at the site of the powder production line is most needed, iron impurities mixed in the automatic cleaning and emissions. Effective to avoid equipment failure "iron", is a new generation of energy saving and efficient iron removal equipment.

Characteristic: reasonable structure, small occupation space, easy installation, concatenated in powder can be used in the pipeline. USES ndfeb permanent magnets high strength, in addition to iron with high efficiency, long service life. Iron removal process continuously, automatically, the equipment after start-up modes is not required. Is suitable for sealing powder conveying system, the work is no dust in the escape, no pollution to the environment. Iron removal function continuous constant, intermittent iron procedure (time interval is adjustable), and low power consumption, wear tiny mechanical system.

Working principle: iron remover concatenated in the Angle of 45-75 degrees of material in the pipeline, when the material is the iron remover, the ferromagnetic materials are adsorbed on the iron remover of manganese steel wall, along with the movement of permanent magnet slides into taphole, implement and material separation. In iron, because of permanent magnets along the circle direction of motion, ferromagnetic material loss of magnetic attraction, under the action of gravity from the taphole, implement automatic iron material.

Main technical parameters: