Name:PLC Control System




Time:2016-09-24 09:36:33

Scope of application:
Distributed control system (DCS) using computer technology to the production process for centralized monitoring, operation, management and decentralized control. Suitable for building materials; Since the gold, power, chemical, coal, coking, mining, tobacco, food, environmental protection, port and other industries automation system and automation system production line. To ensure production safety, improve the level of automation and management level, improve product quality. Improve labor productivity, reduce energy consumption and material consumption.
System structure:
Distributed control system adopt standardization, modularization and serialization design, consists of the centralized management and decentralized control testing part and communication part.
Centralized management includes management computer, engineer station, operation station. Management computer to control the system of information management and optimization, engineer station for configuration and maintenance, operation station is used for monitoring and operation.
Decentralized control monitoring parts including the control station and monitoring station and field control station, is used to control and detection
Communication part connecting distribution part of the system accomplish the transmission of data, instructions and other information
System features:
1. Each workstation independently reasonable distribution of data acquisition, processing, calculation, monitor, operation control, such as task. Control function is complete. Control algorithm is rich. The continuous control and batch control body, high system controllability.
2. Easy to operate, display intuitive, can be monitored.
3. The man-machine dialogue system is practical and simple. Process state diagram, parameter table, historical trend charts, trend chart, alarm information in real time, fault analysis, operation instruction window screen is rich.
4. The DCS control system can be through the laptop under the environment of special software programming. Smaller parameter modification and application change into DLC will not cause run continuously, and PLC variable parameters can also be online within written. So that the convenient for maintenance and inspection of the program.
5. Building block system structure, open mode, standardization and modular design of hardware and software, flexible configuration, good adaptability and expanded
6. Real-time collection, analysis and object records, monitor, operation control, process parameters, the on-line modification system structure and configuration circuit, local fault in-line maintenance and high system availability


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